the gāy disciples of jebus

The Supreme Court’s ‘gang of four’ meat-headed juris-pruds and that would be Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, and Alito, issued “dissents” to the Supreme ruling that granted equal rights to gay and lesbian Americans. It is entirely possible that for ‘transgendered’ Americans, they’ve still got a long road to hoe.

The “same-sex” ruling is about equal rights and that’s ALL the ruling is about. It is perfectly acceptable to heap derisive indignation on ‘conservatives’ and all other demagogues that feel somehow their “rights” have been violated.

No one is demanding that Catholics change the way their religion defines marriage within the confines of Catholic dogma. Same applies to Baptistas, Calvinistas, Methodistas, Mormonites, Pentacostalistas, and/or the disciples of John ‘israel first’ Hagee.

The Supreme’s ruling gives equal standing to gays and lesbians to marry. The same standing that applies to any American wanting to enter into the confines of marriage. I think that’s all gays and lesbians wanted all along. To be treated the same as any American. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that.

But demagogues, Republican contenders for the Office of POTUS, Sucker Carlson, and the paid infotainment media “pundits” are fixated on the “outrage” that is the Supreme’s ruling of Friday last.

Much ado about absolutely nothing.

Anyway, the Supreme ‘gang of four’ authored “dissents” that border on the ludicrous if not wholly treasonous and stupid. Here’s a link to an apt rendering of Supreme bias and intolerance –

The Supreme’s ‘gang of four’ are overtly concerned with sodomy, interracial marriage, quasi-state’s rights bullshit, men touching pee-pees with other men although the 4 Supreme’s seem accepting of woman-on-woman sex and doesn’t that just figure, and an intractable ability for living in the past. Back to the Dark Ages goddamnit and the ‘other’ five Supremes are assholes.

Roberts and his “conservative justice” pals are histrionic if not pouty and whiney. Roberts vacillates like a spinning top, Scalia whips himself regularly and that seems enough behavioral aberration to get the freak impeached. Scalia is one of those Opus Day-oh goofs. Thomas, the justice that has NEVER asked a question concerning any case before the Supreme Court bench EVER, mimics Justice Whippy Scalia. Then we have Mumbles Alito pulling caboose and echoing irrational 19th century Victorianism.

Welcome to the 21st Century everybody. Someone should grab the Roberts’ side of the Supreme Court and instruct them providentially, we’ve entered a new century and change is inevitable. Get over it Supreme bitches and join a new day. Our world moves on…


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