it’s all greek to somebody

The United States Department of Agriculture has granted an exclusive contract to Chobani to provide ‘greek yogurt’ to public schools all across the America. As a “meat substitute” so the kiddies can grub up some ‘meat’ pretending itself to be yogurt.

I swear to Zeus, you can’t make this shit up.

Yogurt as meat substitute. You’d think that the USDA would know better. Yogurt is in actual fact a rather snot-like substance heavily laden with sugar. Good old American white refined sugar. Read their label.

How exactly in the blessed bowels of Jebus the USDA would determine yogurt to be a meat substitute remains an unanswered question put to USDA. Yes, the USDA has been asked that very question and the USDA has gone eerily silent.

Hey you greasy fucks, which bend-over bureaucrat at USDA took the payola from Chobani?

Oh yes and here’s a link to this latest insane outrage courtesy of Obama regime –

Give the budding darlings a heavy dose of sugar at school, hmmm, that seems a genius government plan if ever there was a genius government plan. Yogurt? As meat?

Of course we live in postmodern sheep-esque Amerika and shit passes for shinola, Amerika is free, living is easy, and yogurt is meat. What the hell, the kids won’t know the difference between a hamburger and a cup filled with sugared snot. Damn, doesn’t that sound simply yummy?

I don’t care for yogurt but that’s just me. Either way, yogurt is NOT meat nor is yogurt even close to being a “meat substitute.”

The United States Department of Agriculture needs to be carpet-bombed out of existence. That the USDA would green-light a scam like this to be perpetrated on America’s children is egregious if not damnably evil. Probably both.

The current Secretary of Agriculture is Tom Vilsack and Vilsack rhymes with meat sack. Ergo, meat sack Vilsack is a capitulating meathead. I wonder what Vilsack’s cut of the Chobani contract adds up to in actual USD…



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