in dependence daze

Happy Burf-day Amerika!

239 years old and yes Amerika, you are looking your age.

Happy slappy Amerikans will celebrate ‘humanitarian interventions’ that have killed hundreds of thousands of the innocent. Probably more like millions of the innocent.

Happy slappy Amerikans will celebrate torture, illegal wars of naked aggression, political duplicity, impunity, galling bullshit, amoral banality, grandiose delusions, staggering national debt, and that’s just for openers.

Blow shit up Amerika and that is exactly how our government expects regular Amerikans to celebrate the Day. Just remember to not start any fires, don’t incinerate your neighbor, drink responsibly, and wear your “official” color coded red, white, and blue.

Fly ‘old Glory’ and eat barbecue until you pass out.

I like to start the Day with a rousing rendition of the Star Spangled Klanner as performed by Jimi Hendrix. At 6:00 a.m. I crank up the old Sony, que up Jimi, and rock the Casbah. However on a down side, Shareef don’t like it. I really don’t care what Shareef likes or doesn’t like.

Rock ’em sock ’em boys and girls. For today anyway…



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