nothing is nothing?

Philip Giraldi has authored up one sensational article. Here’s the link –

Amerika has ‘nothing’ to fear except the stupid clowns “we” elect to rule over us.

I don’t care for clowns and political clowns are worse than filth. Worse than heroin dealers.


Heroin dealers and politicians.

That is strictly my opinion only.

Amerika is awash with unindicted war criminals. The Bushco boys and girls, the Obama regime boys and girls, Bubba and the Mrs. Bubba, and the ever so annoying Bubba spawn.

We’ve been down this road in numerous and previous screeds.

It’s okay though, the great Amerikan sheeple are dead from the neck up and hardly up to the task of holding egregious war criminals to account.

Nothing to fear.

It’s okay though, Homeland Security and the ‘keep Amerika safe’ crowd insist it’s all the al-CIAda/ISIL/ISIS jihadi freaks threatening the Amerikan homeland.

I wonder how “safe” Trayvon Martin felt? I wonder how “safe” Eric Garner felt?

Do you suppose that congregants of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church feel they have ‘nothing’ to fear?

Nothing to fear.

I feel your heat in dusty whispers
The wind is cold around your moon
It’s getting hard to keep our distance
I know your time is coming soon
Don’t point your dream on my horizon
Don’t take your rose too far from home
Please don’t forget we’re not each other
Each soul has black thorns of it’s own

Nothing To Fear – Chris Rea

There’s probably not much point in ragging about the obvious and that is what Amerika has to fear.


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