Gaddanged metastisized diabeetus.

Pancreatitis rears it’s glucolic head.

Damn… there go the Snickers bars.

I’ve got ‘issues’ pressing and all of a sudden there are more important things to deal with than dumb ass politicians.

I think I needs to make myself a “bucket list.”

After all, all anyone can do is play the hand you’re dealt.


9 thoughts on “graphemics

  1. “I fully intend to BURN OUT!”
    Thank you Skulz — you made my day! 😀 You can be a comet for a lifetime and then ‘burn out’ in one bright flash! I think we ‘eccentrics’ are the ones who will save our world — if that’s possible. When I was in high school I used to say what my parents didn’t know wouldn’t hurt ME — so I kept my secrets, refused to let anyone dictate how to live my life, and practiced diplomacy … telling assholes where to go in such a way as to make them anxious for the trip! 🙂

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  2. Mike has diabetes and he had it for years b4 he knew it [he got it from Humphrey our schnauzer] so now he’s got all those shitty diseases that take over a body that’s ignoring its diabetes. Don’t take any of those new-fangled drugs that are being marketed for diabetes … just take humolog or novolog and lantus or whatever real insulin the doctor is willing to give you. I gave Humphrey shots for 3 years b4 he decided it was time to go to Rainbow Bridge. Oh and, Skor bars are sooooo much better than Snickers! 🙂

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      • Almond Joy — what could be more joyful than almonds and coconut and CHOCOLATE!?!?!? But seriously, don’t take any of those new diabetes drugs b/c they kill ya! Mike used to be on glipizide and the sugar spikes were way too often and way too long — that is the ENTIRE reason he asked the dr for insulin! It is way too hard to control your blood sugar on pills!

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      • Thank you wolfess. My doc is using the next six months to get my BP under control. The doc wanted to put me in hospital and I told the doc “oh hell no way.” Pissed off Mr. MD. Oh well. I’ll pill it for now with the diabeetus and wait for Uncle Wilford to answer back my letter. I’m of the opinion the quality of life is better than quantity of life. Besides, I am old fucker now and I can smell the finish line from here.

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      • I know what you mean about ‘old age’ I celebrated my 62nd birthday this past June 1; my fondest desire is to have the opportunity to live a couple of months all by myself b4 ‘going into that good night’! Yeah I know, alone means truly a-l-o-n-e, but hey, I’ve committed half a century to Mike, so now I want to commit a couple of weeks to ME!!!! 🙂

        Bottom line Donzo, don’t you DARE rush to that ‘finish line’ — you still have more comments to post on MY blog; and I’m not ready for you to ‘fade away’!!!!


      • Thank you wolfess and I have no intention of ‘fading away’. Nope. I fully intend to BURN OUT! Get it? Better to burn out than to fade away…
        Songs in the key of Neil Young :}

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