warmongering punkery

Presidents do it.

Ubiquitous diplomats do it.

Media pundits do it.

Billionaire bankers do it.

Shit-for-brains politicians do it.

Uncle Cranky the Senator Johnny ‘collaborator’ McCain does it.

Takfiri jihadis do it.

‘Takfiri’ is a Mooselim term I learned about on PressTV.

Ted ‘canadian’ Cruz does it.

Hell, just about all of the Republican poseurs posing as candidates for POTUS do it.

Hillary ‘bags’ Clinton does it.



Sis Boom Bah!

Kill Mooselims kill Mooselims

Rah Rah Rah!

Of course the practitioners of warmongering punkery don’t count civil slaughter or torture or war profiteering as being any manner of abhorrent.

Happy Friday everybody! When the sun comes a shining on a brammy new tomorrow, it’ll mean just another day in homicidal paradise.


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