I’m tired of jihadis. Mooselims that have a severe case of chapped ass.

I’m tired of Jews. Jews that have a severe case of delusional Zionism.

I’m really tired of Christians. Christians that feel their dogma is the only dogma that counts.

Our world’s three monotheistic religions are utterly failed exercises in amoral bullshit.

I would venture that “God” has disowned the ‘big 3’ and washed the old divine hands of hypocrisy.

Well, hypocrisy and murder and savagery and apartheid and bigotry and intolerance and idiocy and torture and acts of human cruelty that defy human reason.

Give it up Jews. Give it up Christians. Give it up Mooselims. You’ve collectively failed our shared humanity. It’s time for humanity to move on from the arcane and dated.

Your religions reduce humanity to base inhumanity.

The religions produce suffering and, that is not of “God.”

How does Israeli apartheid validate Judaism?

How does screaming ‘christian’ bigotry and intolerance validate the teachings of Jesus?

How does the insane murderous antics of jihadis validate Islam?


4 thoughts on “generally

    • That’s funny. All Mariners t-shirt concession sales should be forwarded to ‘Big Unit’s Hall of Fame As A D-back Ha Ha Seattle Is All Wet’ scholarship fund foundation.


  1. Enter “The God Of Tubularsock”: Let us pray on prey and all get along and focus the attention to being nice to each other and start our new found religion in the Church Of Tube.

    Please send cash and be saved. (small unmarked bills, please)

    An idea that has arrived, again. Redundancy may win out!

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