caste is the party of none

Donald Trump is giving the Republican movers and shakers absolute fits. In case you may have missed the cacophony, Trump dissed Uncle Cranky the Senator Johnny ‘senile’ McCain. Trump is certainly correct in his assessment of McCain. McCain is no “war hero.” That isn’t even a surprise. McCain stumbled his way through Vietnam era Navy foolery crashing multiple Navy jets and eventually getting shot down over North Vietnam and spending the remainder of McCain war years collaborating with his “hosts” at the Hanoi Hilton.

Read the accounts of the POW’s that actually spent time with Uncle Cranky in Hanoi.

Donald Trump is the seminal gift to the Democrats and just might succeed in dismantling the GOP once and for all. The Democrats have managed to dismantle themselves. Johnny McCain’s bestest buddy in the whole wide world, one Lindsey Graham, is incensed at Trump. Graham actually cautioned Trump that he (Graham) would slap Trump senseless with his carpet bag. Trump responded to the CNN talking head that put Graham’s remark to the Trump, “Lindsey who?”

Jebby Bushco accused the Trump of being a “draft dodger” and considering the ‘stellar’ service record of the Bushco spawn, Jebby was for the most part talking out his arse.

Anyway, I figured the run up to presidential election 2016 would be a flaccid waste of time. Boy, I was wrong and this is going to be a laugh riot.

Trump refuses to go away and not even Rick ‘the slinger’ Perry can back the Donald down.

Go Donny, make ’em sweat.

IF I vote in 2016, I’ll be voting for Bernie. But for the right now, Trump is one entertaining ass clown.


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