heal me this flatman

Sarah Palin figures that Trump and Uncle Cranky should “kiss and make up.”

You’ll of course remember Sarah Palin, Alaskan Barbie and part-time tea bagged diva?

MSNBC agrees with Palin and has offered Trump and Uncle Cranky ‘air-time’ to swap spit as “infotainment.”

As for Uncle Cranky the Senator Johnny ‘collaborator’ McCain, he’s mostly dummy up. McCain gets more than a little uncomfortable any time his war record comes under public scrutiny. You see Uncle Cranky managed to get his war record declared “classified.” Pretty dang slick, no? Please see this link –


McCain is not now nor has he ever been a “war hero.”

In other irrelevant breaking news, Rachel Dolezal managed to get interviewed by Vanity Fair. The magazine. Dolezal is clinging to the notion that she’s “black.”

Please select one from the following –

A)- what the fuck is Vanity Fair thinking?

B)- the woman should seek serious psychiatric help?

C)- is it now socially trendy to self-select one’s ethnicity?

Cause if it is, well, I’m Norwegian Cro-Magnon. Or maybe Proto-American Mutt ethno-antiauthoritarian. Or maybe Jamaican Jeep Cherokee. Or maybe Russo-Saxon-antiCatholic-ne’er-do-well. Black Mormon Rogue? Westside River Rat delinquent that mom’s warned their daughters about? Raving wise ass with serious authority issues?

Dolezal’s idiocy is highlighted and here’s the link –


Our postmodern America is one continual comedy. Black comedy of course and I’m not referencing ethnicity.

Palin and Dolezal, good Lard Ahmighty!



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