Another day in Paradise. Nothing’s changed.

The demagogues prattle, politicians blather, innocents die, and the war profiteers make bank. Serious bank.

Did you know that Uncle Cranky the Senator Johnny ‘stumbles’ McCain earns gigantic war profits? As does the Donald. That’s curiously ironic. However this is war profiteering America and turning profit IS the bottom line. No war no profit and our gracious Imperial US Senators know that for a fact. From Lamar Alexander to Ron Wyden, all US Senators fatten their portfolios on war profiteering.

War profiteering and of course those nifty corporate stipends that find their way into senatorial desks used by US Senators. War profiteering is actually different than say the cash filled envelopes provided discreetly by AIPAC.

AIPAC is the think tank functionary used almost exclusively by Zionists and assorted Israel firsters that cheer and ejaculate all over themselves every time Binyamin Netanyahu slaughters Palestinians.

Of course Netanyahu wants to slaughter Iranians but, old Bibi is being kept in check sort of.

For now.

Sort of.

That’s the way of our world for a humpday Wednesday the 22nd day of July 2015 and will be almost if not exactly the same come Thor’sday the 23rd.

Jeepers, we are stuck in a rut for sure…


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