tick tock

The last week of July 2015 begins with a ‘bang’ or possibly a whimper. It would seem that the Republican field of candidates running for POTUS are whimpering long and loudly. According to Lindsey Graham, the Donald is a meany and doesn’t play fair. Donald Trump is the most exciting thing to happen to Republicans since H. Ross Perot. According to the Trump, “guns are not the problem” and Trump was referring to the crazy freak that shot up a theater in Lafayette, Louisiana. Trump doesn’t ever bother with guns, the Donald has “people” for that.

el Jefé the Obama is in Africa doing the ‘roots’ thing.

Binyamin Netanyahu’s ziongelical lover, one Mikey Huckabee, is “alarmed” and hurling Nazi innuendo in at least sixteen different directions over the recently concluded Iran/USNATO/P5+1 deal that validated the glaringly obvious. The glaringly obvious being that Iran has been in complete compliance with the terms and language of the NPT and now that the world has agreed that yes indeed Iran is okey-dokey, well, Pastor Huck is convinced that el Jefé will help send ‘Jews’ to the “ovens.” Huckabee is out of his freaking mind. His ‘religion’ has clouded his thinking.

By the by, the UN has signed off on the terms of the Iran deal and the Euros are lining up to convince Iran that the Euros were Iran’s friends all along. Sure they were. Which by the incidentally by, is where the point of all this is going.

Please to read Pepe Escobar’s latest brilliance on global crises and here’s the link –


Mr. Escobar has his finger on the pulse of eurasia AND he’s one world class journalist.

Sadly, the US had world class journalists. Once. However, they all died or sold out or moved to Slovenia or Costa Rica or Dubai.

Pitiful or disgraceful or





4 thoughts on “tick tock

  1. ” His ‘religion’ has clouded his thinking.”
    From where I’m sitting, ‘religion’ is something one does when one doesn’t have a mind to think WITH as that ‘big guy in the sky’ is just too hard for me to take seriously … but … if that earthquake that’s supposed to hit Washington and Cali makes it all the way to Nebrasky I might have to rethink that big buy thingy. Whatever the case at this moment, I feel perfectly comfortable in my witchdom! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      • May we all blessed be; and thank you! 🙂

        The Escobar article was impressive — and that would go a long way in explaining why bush-dark felt the need to ‘normalize’ relations with Iran — he didn’t want to be left out in the cold [war] when BRICS leaves this poor country in the dust.

        ps: I just noticed my ‘best buy thingy’ was actually s’posed to be ‘best Guy thingy’ 🙂

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