There are some that hit the clock and spend their day doing ‘activism’ stuff. Day ends hit the clock one more time, hit the watering hole, and home with the family. Nifty work IF one can get it.

There are others that idle away their days in deep dank and dark dungeons for speaking truth to the power elite. For speaking truth to power… For speaking truth…

For acts of political defiance that meet acts of political repression, a bullet makes a lousy stipend. Of course that bullet is handsomely engraved with the intended targets name. Or maybe that act of political defiance is met with a Hellfire missile fired from a US drone. Courtesy of el Jefé the Obama. Obama likes sneaky-ass bombing campaigns. The Obama doesn’t have to get his hands bloodied.

There are some that work the K Street circuit and lobby for war, torture, acts of indecent brutality, and rake in mountains of cash.

There are some that stand their ground in the face of a determined military junta that will not now nor ever give the people an even break.

I know why their veiled smiles are a thinly disguised façade of suffering.

Nobel Piece Prices and U2 accolades are bestowed on unworthy presidents and prime ministerial kings, not on ragtag rabble that upend a royal apple cart.


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