In a supreme act of feckless capitulation to the Israelis, the Obama regime is going to release convicted traitor and spy Jonathan Pollard.

It needs to be noted that Pollard SHOULD have been stood in front of a firing squad and introduced to a bullet up close and personal. Pollard, being an American, was convicted of spying on America for the Israelis.

You see the Obama regime is bending over backwards trying to get the Zionist regime to lay off their criticism of the recently concluded terms of agreement with Iran which the Zionists have been kvetching about histrionically. The Obama regime should tell the Israelis to fuck off. Of course were the Obama to do that, well, Congress would collapse in a spasm of come apart that would be of historic proportion.

The Obama regime is adamant in their denial of releasing Pollard to win Israeli approval of the Iran deal. Yeah yeah sure sure.

THE US DOESN’T NEED ISRAEL’S APPROVAL FOR A GODDAMN THING! I’m not having any luck convincing the sycophants inside the Beltway Babylon on that aspect of novelty.

On an unrelated note, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) on Tuesday evening filed a “motion to vacate the chair.” Ummm, that’s the chair belonging to Speaker of the House John Boehner. There has never been a successful removal of any sitting Speaker of the House. It should be noted that it is exceedingly funny to watch Republicans trying to eat one another alive. I’m of the opinion that the Congress needs to bring back dueling. On that National Mall of course.

Then we come to the tale of Walter Palmer. Palmer having killed the pride of Zimbabwe, and that would be Cecil the Lion, for sport. FOR SPORT!

Walter Palmer is a dentist that works in Bloomington, Minnesota. His dental practice is known as River Bluffs Dental. Of course now it’ll have to be called Lion Killer Dentistry. The gutless Palmer bribed some pitiful loser to bait the lion out of Hwange National Park, so Palmer could shoot the lion and take it’s head. The lion also lost it’s skin.

Judas H. Priest! The Obama is bad but Walter Palmer should be beaten about the face and neck in full public display with a brick and then deported to Zimbabwe to face the full fury of Zimbabwean justice. With serious prison time for ‘sport’.

What an asshole! Oh wait, that would apply to Obama and Walter the lion killer.


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