liars and big hair dryers

He lied.

Who lied?

Barack Obama the President of the United States of America.

He lied, she lied, they lied, lies here, lies there, and lies are lying everywhere.

It is of course, shameful.

It is of course the piteous condition of our postmodern global war of terror times.

Professional athletes lie. Well of course and they’re gorging on steroids too. Go for the fence A-Rod.

Roger Goodell lies. Tommy ‘terrific’ Brady lies. Hell, Johnny the bourbonized Speaker of the House lies.

Huckleberry Huckabee lies in apocalyptic fashion.

Hillary Clinton lies and makes serious bank all the while she’s lying through her teeth.

The Donald Trump lies but the man is so glaringly grandiose, he can’t differentiate truth from Sarah Palin’s tits. (insert rim shot here)

Brian Williams lied and was relegated to MSNBC. Wow, that IS harsh. Williams is going to have to endure the spit-fest that is Chris Matthews.

All the major infotainment venues from the New York Times to ZNNCable Blitzer Reviews lie to find enough “filler” to keep pace with the 24-hour news cycle.

Bill Maher lies. He’s holding fast to the notion that Maher finds himself relevant. Even the new-age Barbie Taylor Swift lies. She keeps insisting that she’s a “musician.” Yeah yeah, whatever.

So if an entire global community is based solely on lying, the truth about anything would be so radically dangerous as to cause Wesley Clark to demand that everyone outside of a Wesley Clark world view to be immediately ‘interned’ for the duration of the “war.”



2 thoughts on “liars and big hair dryers

    • Hi Tubularsock. Wouldn’t one who messes with music be a messician? Barbie Taylor Swift was born in a trailer park. I read that on the internet somewhere. Hmmm, maybe that was the ‘other’ Barbie…


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