black lives matter

Of course black lives matter. However black lives do NOT matter in America. That is the “official” position of policing agencies all across our corrupt Union. That is the “official” position of county attorneys, governors, the ‘blue’ unions, and the cracker South.

A pair of southern crackers planted confederate flags on the grounds of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Ebenezer Baptist Church is the church that Dr. Martin Luther King was pastor of. You know, before Dr. King was assassinated by an ignorant white cracker. This latest act of white stupidity (planting confederate flags) happened on the 30th day of July, 2015. Here’s a link –

I’m of the opinion that ridiculous freaks who’d plant confederate flags on the grounds of ANY black church, or white church for that matter, should be held to withering public scorn and then ‘deported’ to Nigeria for an ethnic in-service to be schooled on race relations. If not Nigeria, well, Somalia might work. The to-be-deported crackers would be encouraged to pack their confederate flags. The crackers could use those confederate flags in a powerpoint presentation for all Africans. The crackers could sing the glorious praises of the antebellum South and how wondrously dandy slavery actually was. I’m almost certain that Africans would be generally receptive. Or not.

Black Americans die at the hands of policing authorities everyday. Hmmm, maybe the Obama regime could start a body count. Put the numbers of murdered-by-cop Black Americans up for the Nation to see. In real time. In actual police precincts. The Obama regime should also put up the numbers of cops that are actually convicted of murder by district attorneys. Oh yeah and release the grand jury proceedings and associated testimony taken. That could prove enlightening. An outrage? Either way.

Black lives matter… sure they do.

Just not in America.


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