logos are brand everything

Live from Camp Cupcake –

Brand is everything. Trump has a ‘brand’ and Commando Rick Perry has a ‘brand’ and Huckleberry Huckabee has a ‘brand’ and Jebby the Lesser Bush has a ‘brand’ and blah blah blah.

Did you know that Barbie Taylor Swift has a ‘brand’? Well the young and perky poseur certainly does. In about twenty or thirty years Barbie Taylor Swift will run for elective office. Barbie Taylor Swift is not from Texas. Nope. Barbie Taylor Swift is from Pennsylvania.

Did you know that Barbie Taylor Swift has banked a net $260 million dollars? That is USD by the by. U2’s Bonobo had better watch out. Did you know that Barbie Taylor Swift’s entourage likes to call Ms. Barbie Taylor Swift “Tay?”


Buckwheat used to say “oh-tay!”

Comprehensively irrelevant and I have digressed. Seriously so.

The Republican contenders for a Republican nomination for the Office of POTUS 2016, are scratching and clawing one another for advantage in an upcoming “debate” to be staged by Faux News. The upcoming Faux News “debate” will allow exactly ten (10) pretenders to a Republican nomination throne. It becomes glaringly problematic considering there are at least 57 Republican contenders for the nomination throne. The Donald has an inside track to the pole position in the upcoming “debate” and all the other Republican posers are grumbling and pissed off that the Donald isn’t even a politician. Not that anyone would be able to tell the difference between a Republican politician in the running for a nomination and the Donald. Republican politicians can talk a load of bullshit and the Donald is a world class purveyor of bullshit.

The fatman-in-a-bathtub Chris Christie can’t buy or bluster his way onto the upcoming Faux “debate” and Governor Chubby is going to frontally assault a national teachers union to prove a point that he is too “important” to be excluded.

Jeepers, Governor Chubby should take a pill and chill. It’s a long way to 2016. Christie should probably make nice with the Brothers Kochsucker and go all in come about January. Of 2016.

The fun part about watching the Donald, he will certainly burn out before he fades away.

So it’s Republican Circus Hour and a three ring extravaganza for idiots and blowhards to turn shit into shinola.

Apart from all the hijinx and histrionic Republican Hucklebeeism, I’m willing to bet that Jebby winds up the Republican nominee for 2016. In a worst case scenario, Mitt Rmoney will get the nod to quell Republican party in-fighting and we’ve certainly been there done that.




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