meaning less

A young black man drives home from work and night classes. Young black man gets pulled over by ‘policing authority’ and a confrontation ensues.

You see, the ‘policing authority’ does NOT like young black men and especially young black men that drive through “his watch.”

Mr. ‘policing authority’ has issues with young black men that drive cars and drive cars after dark. “Fucking niggas are up to no good” maintains Mr. ‘policing authority’ and recently gathered policing statistics back up Mr. ‘policing authority’s’ personal bias. Policing statistics are woefully biased and inaccurate. That is hardly relevant to the situation at hand.

Anyway, Mr. ‘policing authority’ pulls young black man over and considering that one tired young black man has had about enough of being pulled over for no reason whatsoever, young black man is uncooperative with Mr. ‘policing authority’.

An attitudinal young black man is all the excuse one bigoted cop needs to exterminate a life that Mr. ‘policing authority’ finds unnecessary.


Mr. ‘policing authority’ isn’t concerned about his wanton act of coldblooded murder. District Attorneys all across America do not now nor ever prosecute cops that commit murder.


a fictional (frictional?) short story.



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