rise of the postmodern heebie-jeebies

Roma Downey Jr. is planning a new IronMom series. It will be a blistering critique on prayers to “God” that go unanswered. Mostly those prayers are made to “God” about blistering children and recently passed state legislation that prohibits taking a switch to the little dickens backside for acting ‘possessed’. Pity.

A way back in the day, any child could get cold-cocked just for being a child. Any child could get cold-cocked in school, the store, on the street, or wherever the old man was liable to go smooth off.

Those were the days my friend.

The roster is set for the first of an interminable number of “Republican debates” that will be so eye-scrapingly boring as to warrant petitions to the ‘Lard’ for an immediate if not untimely demise. The Republican snoozer is set for Thursday evening. The Republicans that were excluded from the debate will begin their bitch-fest at exactly high noon today. Or sooner than that IF the excluded losers can get anyone to pay attention to their plight.

Perhaps someone should start an online outrage petition…

or not.

New Jersey Governor Chris ‘rhythm’ Christie has come out of the closet and admitted that he’s a practitioner of Catholic birth control. Why Governor Large felt the need to out that little tidbit is curious in the very least. I always thought that rhythm method had something to do with dance moves. I can’t dance and never have been able to dance so I made some assumptions. Christie does the jiggy? Hmmm, that might be visual birth control.

Well here it is Humpday the 5th day of August 2015 and Binyamin Netanyahu is commanding all American Jews to oppose Obama’s deal with Iran. Okay all you American Jews, your King of the Israelis is demanding obedience. Of course America’s Congress genuflected unto the Bibi and swore unswerving allegiance to Zionism days ago. I wonder if the Faux News dummies would exclude Binyamin Netanyahu should the Bibi decided he wanted in on their debate? Nah, wouldn’t happen.


4 thoughts on “rise of the postmodern heebie-jeebies

  1. Matt Taibbi has an article about how to drink for the debate 2moro night — I would suggest we follow his advice, but given what we all know about this year’s clown bus by the time the debate is finished we might all be dead from alcohol poisoning. There’s no way to get through said debate without chugging the first full bottle of Jagermeister! Hey, I just had an idea — let’s give the Jager to the 10 clowns debating 2moro night, at least that way when they start slurring their speech they’ll be good for a laugh! And who knows, by the time the debate is finished, with any luck we’ll have a few less bozos in the clown bus!!! 😀

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    • I think there needs to be an armed cracker with an AK47 in the front row. Every time one of the “debaters” or the Donald, says something stupid, well, the armed cracker pops a round into Huckleberry Huckabee. Hmmm, asshat repugs posing for the Office of POTUS brings out the violent fantasies and I probably should give that up. However, popping caps into the Huckleberry might just be entertaining as hell.


      • Wouldn’t you think the likes of Huckleberry would give up after a few elections where he didn’t even get enough votes to be elected dogcatcher??? Come to think of it … popping caps into him might be just what the doctor ordered!

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