can’t make this stuff up

Damn, the report that I’m gonna link to here in just a bit is funny. I mean side-splitting spit coffee out your nose funny. Here’s the link –

A gang of wannabe bounty hunters pulled off a raid on Tuesday evening. In Phoenix, Arizona. Problem is, the stupid freaks raided the home of the Phoenix Chief of Police.

Oh yeah and whoopsies.

I watched the TV report and started to laugh like I haven’t laughed in quite a while. Bounty hunters showing up at the Chief of Police’s private domicile. That should make for a lively made-for-TV movie. Maybe some Hollywood ‘producer’ could get Dog the Bouty hunter to play the part of Bounty Hunter Bad Ass as they raid the home of the local Chief of Police. Dog could get himself a new hair weave.

Phoenix Chief of Police, one Chief Joseph Yahner, met these idiots at his door in his boxers and sporting his police billy club. That’s ballsy no doubt. The bounty hunters are lucky that Chief Yahner didn’t come out of his house firing his service weapon. It would have been a blood bath for certain.

Turns out that the dumb ass owner of NorthStar Fugitive Recovery, one Brent Farley, is the proud owner of a felony record. Convicted felons can run bounty hunter concerns? That would figure. Playboy dentists can be big game hunting assholes. Playboy dentists killing lions isn’t funny in the least. Stupid posers name of Brent Farley playing ‘cops’ is funny as funny can be. Oh yeah and, Farley sits in the Maricopa County Jail and MCJ is hosted by the Warlord Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Wow, is that a twist of ironic fate or what.

Anyway, I had a good laugh and there isn’t much to laugh about these days.

Just think, this very evening the Republicans are holding a “debate.”

debate – (diˈbāt) noun

a formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward.

Tonight’s gathering of GOP Wingnut charlatans will NOT be any manner of debate. Nor will the aforementioned debate be funny.

It is entirely possible that Arizona might cough up some entertaining television. Arizona has bounty hunters on the loose and the Arizona bounty hunters are always good for a laugh.



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