mental masturbation

Did you watch the “debate?”

I didn’t watch the “debate.”

The Big Bang Theory was on. Death In Paradise was on. Channel 16 had this really nifty test pattern on.

According to the news reports, the Donald said a bunch of racist stupid shit. Jebby stated wildly stupid shit. Huckleberry Huckabee puked up a load of irrational stupid shit. Seems like the “debate” kept true to form. Rand Paul mentioned some shit that made no sense, according to the news reports, and that was to be expected.

The Donald made threats that if the Republicans don’t give him the nomination right now, well, the Donald will run as a ‘third party’ independent.

Come on Trumper, put up or shut the fuck up.

However and I concede, I’m going by what the media reports reported and as I didn’t bother to watch I have to take the media’s word for all of it. Suppositional of course.

The entire affair was dog and pony. There’s a dog and there’s a pony and draw your own conclusions. Or not. Nothing of substance and that was to be expected.

Ted ‘the canadian’ Cruz is so worried about Mooselim jihadis that his sphincter is losing it’s elasticity.

Does Teddy wear Depends? He probably should start. You know on account of if he’s running around with soiled panties, well, that’s just icky.

I think that the ‘moderators’ of the “debate” should have allowed Commando Rick Perry to participate. Commando Rick wants to tear the Donald a new asshole. I think that I’d pay money to watch that. Git ’em Commando Rick. Kick his ass! It would be worth the price of admission to see the Donald get a good old fashioned Texas style ass whooping. Commando Rick could kick the Donald’s ass and then chain the Donald to the bumper his pick up and drag Mr. Blowhard across the Texas panhandle. Come on Commando Rick, open up a can of Donald whoop ass! Stone Cold says so.

Just think, we’re only 1 year and 3 months away from election 2016.

Isn’t it about time for Jebus to come back? I mean something, anything, to break the tedious if not grating banality that would be Republicans spewing ridiculous batcrap crazy shit trying to convince “voters” that the pending election holds meaning…

The upcoming election is meaningless. Any half rational American knows that going in.


One thought on “mental masturbation

  1. Tubularsock likes dogs and ponies. If only they had really showed up it would have been more interesting. But by not seeing it you have the essence, Don.

    Even The Trump couldn’t pull this thing out of the boring-pool.


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