is she is or is she ain’t menstrual

The Donald is tenacious if he is anything. The lamestream media does NOT know what to make of the Donald.

The Donald gives the Republican establishment foaming fits.

That is a good thing.

The Donald will never get the Republican nomination to run for the Office of POTUS. That aforementioned Repug nomination just might go to Mitt Rmoney by default.

The Donald insulted one of the FauxNews starlets and, well damn, we can’t be a having that now can we.

Politically correct America can relax as Meg the bleeder is not “menstrual.” Meg the bleeder was spayed years ago and she’s been upwardly mobile ever since.


I don’t know if Meg the bleeder was spayed years ago, I don’t care. Meg the bleeder works for FauxNews and that tidbit stands alone as commentary explanation for Meg the bleeder being a dipshit.


The real news tracks an ‘activist’ concern that seems hellbent on disrupting Bernie Sanders while Bernie is out on the stump.

Alleged members of ‘Black Lives Matter’ have taken it upon themselves to interrupt Senator Sanders’ attempt to make his case for a candidacy for the Office of POTUS.

The alleged members of ‘Black Lives Matter’ haven’t bothered to disrupt the Donald’s bombastic crap-o-la. Nor the bullshit spewed by the Canadian Cruz. Not Rand Paul’s crap nor Jebby’s crap nor Huckleberry’s venom nor the Inner Santorum’s wildly insane crap, and that staggering omission just might signal there is tomfoolery afoot.

I think that the clowns from an alleged ‘Black Lives Matter’ concern are working for Hillary. Or maybe the RNC. Whatever. Why they would harass Bernie is curiously curious in the very least.

One thing is for very certain, building coalitions in these our postmodern days of frustration is a herculean task. Whatever it is ‘Black Lives Matter’ is up to will turn out divisive and not help ANYONE’S cause. Especially for Bernie.


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