projectile artsy

All life on Planet Earth matters.

All life.

There are black people that would like to segregate themselves into a BLM box, knock yourselves out. Your exclusivity will fail you.

Brown lives that have been ended at the hands of American Gestapo don’t count?

What about Muslim lives that have been ended by the hand of el Jefé the Obama?

It is alleged that el Jefé the Obama is “black.” Of course Obama “black” would not necessarily be the same as the “black” of oh say, Marissa Johnson or Mara Willaford. The “black” sistas that disrupted a Bernie Sanders event in Seattle. Turns out Marissa Johnson and Mara Willaford are Tea Party plants. Oh yeah.

I forgot the link for the above. Please to excuse me. Link

America hasn’t been this fractured and disjointed since the days of Nam. Turns out that armed white militias are patrolling the streets of Ferguson, Missouri.

This will turn out badly.


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