Did you know that Ted Nugget likes to watch Meg the Bleeder while sitting on his couch naked?

Yikes and icky.

Here’s the link to Nugget’s admission –

Did you know that Ted Nugget is allegedly a “rock star?”

Roger Daltry is a rock star. Keith Richards is a rock star. Jimmy Page is a rock star. Bruce Springstein is a rock star. Dave Grohl is a rock star. Steve Lukather is a rock star.

Ted Nugget? Not fucking likely.

America’s el Jefé Barack Hussein Obama is mission creeping his way towards ‘humanitarian intervention’ Syria. The “Professor” Juan Cole will be giddy. Old Juan Cole loves that humanitarian intervention slaughter motif.

Gen. Raymond ‘q-ball’ Odierno, the Army’s 38th chief of staff who will retire after relinquishing his job to Gen. Mark Milley on Friday the 14th day of August 2015, offers his opinion that “America” needs to put boots back on the ground Iraq. Here’s the link to retiring Odierno’s delusion –

Evidently Gen. ‘q-ball’ has been hanging out naked with Ted Nugget.

Hmmm, would that be “gay?”


No insult may be inferred by actual gay members of American society by my taking a cheap shot at Nugget and Gen. ‘q-ball’.


My friends, we are living in some postmodern crazy-ass psycho days of rage. The various tribes have drawn their adherents into armed encampments of viciously short tempered if not twitchy halfwits and considering the massive amounts of firepower available to America’s buying public, well, the bloodbath is merely one misstep away from locked and loaded. Armed “Oath Keepers” brown shirts are skulking the streets of Ferguson, Missouri anxious as hell to unload their loaded AR-15’s into black Ferguson, Missouri citizens. Do not take my word for any of this. Google it. The ‘Oath Keepers’ in Ferguson.

I wonder if ‘black lives matter’ will seem relevant when the ‘Oath Keepers’ brown shirts commence to discharging their weapons in Ferguson. Cause I think it’s not a matter of if but, when.



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