lives matter?

Black lives matter? In America? Really?

Since when?

Black lives don’t matter. Brown lives don’t matter. White lives don’t matter.

Jeepers, this is getting redundant.

The ONLY lives that matter in this here US of A are the lives of the monied elite.

Black citizens can protest police brutality in Ferguson, Missouri until St. Louis County authorities call out their Gestapo. Which is exactly what St. Louis County authorities did. That scenario plays out in cities all across America everyday. Challenge that ‘authority’ and martial law fury will be unleashed and blood will flow. To add insult to black injury, the cops have militia at the ready. ‘Oath Keepers’ brown shirt neo-nazi crackers that are armed almost better than the national Gestapo.

I would hope that all parties understand that the federal government is biding it’s time waiting for the shit to hit the fans. Public violence breaks out on a grand scale and watch how fast the government declares martial law.

This all gets ridiculously mundane. Day after freaking day.

I wonder how many Mooselims the Obama will bomb to bloody splatter on this fine day? Of course that is perfectly acceptable. Brown Mooselim lives don’t matter.


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