be it resolved

Did you know that el Jefé the Obama has an “official” reading list that White House functionaries release to the infotainment media lapdogs? The Obama has a ‘hit list’ of musica that “he” listens to. You know, during those dog-awful days of summer.

Freaking damn hot don’cha know.

The Obama listens to musica? No shit…

Did you know that Usama bin Laden had a son? Actually, Usama bin Laden had about 14 or 27 sons. 14 or 27 sons from 3 to 16 different wives. Depends on which jihadi news source you care to reference. To think that people get critical of Mormons and polygamy.

Anyway, Usama bin Laden’s boy Hamza has taken up the “cause” and advises jihadis everywhere to wage jihad on the infidels. Here is an actual link to the ridiculously ridiculous –

Wage that funky jihad you crazy jihadis…

Just as soon as el Jefé the Obama can get the National Security infrastructural CIA/DIA/FBI/NSA to nail down the whereabouts of bin Laden’s boy Hamza, well, the Obama will send in the Son of Navy Seal Team Six to smack the cack on bin Laden’s boy Hamza. You know on account of the “original” Navy Seal Team Six that cacked Usama bin Laden the first time all ended up dead. Helicopter crash in the wilds of Afpakiscam killed everybody. Really…

Look to the skies Hamza…

Just as soon as the Obama smacks the cack on junior bin Laden, Kathryn Bigelow is ready to crank out a made in Hollywood movie that highlights the brilliance of Obama and the Son of Navy Seal Team Six exploits. Bigelow is in postproduction writing her Oscar acceptance at the present.

The fix is in?


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