nervous breakdown #9

America is on it’s way to a nervous breakdown. One national outrageously frothy spit-spinning fit. Here’s a link to consider –

‘Oath Keepers’ neo-fascist ammo-sexuals are planning to “arm” black Americans with AR-15’s for an upcoming and planned ‘Oath Keepers’ sponsored protest.

In Ferguson, Missouri of course.

Evidently the ‘Oath Keepers’ brown shirts are convinced that black Americans are clueless regarding AR-15’s. I can guarantee the ‘Oath’ fascists that black Americans are fully up-to-speed regarding popular ballistics.

Palm to face moment…


In other irrelevant news –

Did you know that Huckleberry Huckabee is making aliyah to Israel? That’s true. Suckabee is making pilgrimage to the Wholly Land to kiss Netanyahu’s ass, see the important Zionist sights, and raise money. Lots and buckets full of Zionist money. Evidently Huckleberry is encountering some los problemas gaining traction with his campaign for the Republican nomination for POTUS. I can’t imagine why that might be. I mean besides the fact that Huckleberry is a national embarrassment, a total loser, straight up fucking stupid, and a demagogue psychophant.

Huckleberry Huckabee will NOT be asking the “Jews” why they delivered Jesus unto Pontius Pilate for crucifixion. That’s right, I said it…

Huckleberry Huckabee is “allegedly” a Baptist preacher. Whatever.

The Army Ranger School graduated their very first “woman” from the Army’s Ranger training school. No more “glass ceilings” in this man’s army.

Oh yeah and lastly, Amazon is evidently one crappy place to work. You know, the sell everything and your mama with two-day delivery? That Bezos guy that “owns” is looking to “own” the New York Times. Bezos is the current “owner” of the Washington Post. Bezos isn’t real happy with the New York Times. Bezos plans to ‘buy’ the Times and break it. You know, in keeping with the “you break it you bought it” motif except in reverse.



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