on the meaning of matter

Matter is a physical substance. Eric Garner had physical substance. Not that Garner’s substance mattered. Not to NYPD. Not to the Staten Island district attorney.

Matter is an affair or situation under consideration. The fact of the matter is that Eric Garner was executed by NYPD without the benefit of trial by a jury of Garner’s peers. Golly, that should matter shouldn’t it?

As a matter of course, cops are hardly EVER held to account for executing black Americans. Just you ask Darren Wilson.

To make matters worse, cops executing Americans of just about any color or shading continues unabated. It probably doesn’t really matter that most of the Americans executed by cops are black.

It matters on a moral level that cops consider black Americans as their very own whipping boy. Or girl. Or matters very little.

It matters that America’s judicial system adjudicates against blacks, browns, whites, and any American trapped in poverty. That doesn’t matter to ‘establishment’ America.

So what matters is merely a point of perspective. From a 1% perspective, nothing or anyone matters. From a 99% perspective what matters is getting through a day with some food, a place to plant one’s head come sleepy time, feed the young ones, and NOT get cacked by the brownshirt Gestapo for no reason whatsoever. That matters.

Even in postmodern global war of terror America.

“Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the Lord my soul to keep

If I should get shot by cop or

beaten to death or

found hung in a jailhouse holding cell


not much will matter then.”





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