carnival freak show

California is sinking. Oh yes it is. Here is the link to all the vital statistics –

California is sinking and the West is burning. Alive. The “national forests” after years and years of ‘quality’ Forest Service management are going up in flames.

What we have here is systemic eco-collapse and there is not a freaking thing can be done to remediate any of it. Too late and way too goddamn late. Like 50 or 60 years way too late.

I mean what the hell, it’s just wood and California is hardly relevant to mainstream AmeriKKKa. I mean California grows much of that old American food. Well, not for much longer. There’s no water and the San Joaquin is sinking.

Say, if the San Joaquin sinks to a sea level depth won’t the San Joaquin fill up with the ocean? Damn is that a win-win or what? I’m not going to have to go so far to hit the beach. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to wade in the ocean. The Pacific Ocean to be exactly precise. I do love the Pacific. Blue like you wouldn’t believe and the Pacific is cold. I mean really freaking cold. Which is really fine on account of it’s been hell’s-a-blazing hot a way out here in the Sonora.

I wonder if Hollywood will move Hollywood to somewhere else. Cause you know, Cali is sinking and that means Los Angeles is going under the water.

Compton is going to turn into a water-theme park. I wonder if Ice Qube can swim. Wait, Ice Qube? Ice Tea? Ice Chai? You know, that really angry exceedingly wealthy black guy that makes exceedingly profitable movies for those Hollywood types.

Dr. Dre? Punch a woman and then call your broker…

Oh well, California is sinking and the West is aflame but the Donald filled a football stadium in Alabama. Alabama? Oh you know, one of those hotbeds of antebellum racism and bigotry. The Donald plays to his wheelhouse.

The Donald is much ado about absolutely nothing. The Donald reminds of me of chicharrons. Deep fried pig skins coated with loads of salt and Mexican paprika. Pretty dang tasty but no substance.

The point to be taken away here would be that California is sinking and that is an eco-collapsing catastrophe AND the western forests are burned to a crisp. Okay that’s two points. Hmmm, that’s almost an editorial bait-and-switch. It’s okay though, I’m not running for POTUS.


2 thoughts on “carnival freak show

  1. That is why Tubularsock lives in his underground bunker ….. the fields are sinking to Tubularsock and Tubularsock IS RUNNING for POTUS. Could it be a Tubularsock land grab? Stay tuned!

    And no matter how you look at it, Compton sucks! Even before that idealized movie.

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