Every picture tells a story. Every story is a picture worth a thousand words.

Moving pictures might tell a story but moving pictures tend to get lost in feeble attempts at plot.

Misogynist punks from Compton are hardly worth 90+ minutes of film. Straight Outta Compton? One could conjecture that after a woman beating brother makes serious bank it’s time to get the fuck up and outta Compton. Brothers back in the hood are going to want a slice of the pie.


Niggas With Attitude. Whatever. Negroes with a spell check will make a bigger splash on postmodern culture.

Postmodern culture would be of course one vast if not vacuous wasteland.

Black lives matter? Well of course black lives matter to the 24 hour news cycle. Just so long as there’s plenty of gangland Tarantino action.

Did you know that Ice Cube aka O’Shea Jackson holds a Hollywood net worth of $140 million USDollars?

C’mon Ice O’Shea, tell the world about gangsta hard life.

The love of the white man’s money is the root of all hypocrisy. Well that and, carte blanche to treat the black woman as chattel. Or a punching bag, whatever…


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