America is in free fall.

free fall (ˈfri ˌfɔl) noun

downward movement under the force of gravity only

Shortly after the farce that we now know as September 11, 2001, the American nation took the plunge. Jumped headlong into the insanity abyss.

Shocking no doubt.

Predictable? Maybe.

Ridiculous? – ding ding ding ding ding, we have us a winner. Sorry, there will be no chicken dinner served.

Free falling out into nothing. America has nothing to look forward to and certainly not so much left to lose.

All you red white and blue patrioting AmeriKKKlanners can thank your ever so obedient to Israel United States Congress. It was Congress that gave us the Patriot Act. Of course there was the insistence of Bushco. You’ll of course remember the Dark Cheney cabal that gave us fascism.

Freedom to fascism in one easy lesson.

Did you know that Jeb Bush is the ancillary brother to Cheney sock puppet G. Bush?

Shocking no doubt…

America is in freefall and there aren’t too many Americans that pay much attention. They’re waiting for that sudden stop at the bottom. Which becomes the axiomatic finale to any free fall.


That ‘splat’ motif will, at times, wake people up. Not necessarily always but, sometimes for some people.

You know, it might be possible to galvanize a sufficient number of disaffected Americans to start a new political party. Call that new party the ‘Splaticans’ and there you go.

Damn, that’s pretty snappy.




2 thoughts on “freefalling

  1. Well Skulz, I could see it coming. I mean when Americans considered people in foreign lands, drone-struck bug splats, that pretty much paved the way for our eventual splat.

    So, just like bombs that go up and must come down, so too, must everything else that goes up, it must come down. I can only hope that those that are already at ground zero are looking up at what’s about to come falling out of the sky to go “SPLAT!”

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  2. At least there’s a landing zone. Let us all be happy for something!
    At one time man thought that the world was splat but we found out that it was round. So we have progressed to now understanding that the round is going to be splat. Man HAS evolved!

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