bat crap crazy

Did you catch the exchange between the Donald and the Univisión guy? Jorge Ramos, of Univisión, is a world class journalist and polls way better numbers among his constituents than the Donald. You see the Donald is mired in bombastic white guy America and evidently missed the memo that the world has moved on. The Donald channels his inner Benito Mussolini. Here’s a link to Trump being his prototypical chump self –

Even still more Republican campaign lunacy, Jebby the Younger than George, marked the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina by praising the FEMA response to Hurricane Katrina’s carnage and posed for pixures with “Brownie.” No shit. Here’s the link –

Why in hell Jeb Bush would want to regurgitate the feckless FEMA response to Hurricane Katrina by praising ex FEMA director Michael D. Brown is a wholly mysterious faux pas. New Orleans is still “recovering” from the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina and FEMA’s worthless efforts to make matters worse.

It should be fully understood that ‘white’ New Orleans faired far better than did black New Orleans. White New Orleans is risen from hurricane destruction and isn’t that what’s really important.

I could suppose that ‘brownies’ have a significant longer shelf life than common sense might dictate.

Yes, Republican “candidates” running for the office of POTUS 2016 are straight up bat crap crazy and possibly worse than criminally insane. Jeb Bush is brother to a genuine and bona fide war criminal. Guilt by familial association should be grounds for an indictment of crimes against humanity.

As for Trump, well, the Donald is a media feeding frenzy and that is quintessential American politics. Clouds of smoke, broken mirrors, rabid dogs, one trick ponies, and not a goddamn shred of substance. The thrice bankrupt casino mogul can act. Sort of but, Trump is not on the same stage as say, Ronnie RayGun.




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