wistfully wishing

Here we are at the last Friday in August 2015. We’ll not see another Friday in August 2015 ever. I mean, think about that. Or not. Thinking tends to leave Americans confused.

So on the last Friday in August 2015, I wish that America could get through one freaking day without any murders on live television. I wish that the Trump-nut could shut his pie hole just for today. I fully understand that the Trump-nut is incapable of keeping quiet for any length of time.

I wish that Ben Carson wouldn’t wax stupid about his “war on what’s inside a woman.” Jesus, what the fuck does that even mean? I think that apart for that uterus motif, a woman’s guts are fairly similar to any man’s guts. Here’s a link for some relevance –


I wish that the hackers that hacked the Ashley Madison site would just publish their findings for all the world to read in fairly simplistic terms. C’mon guys I heartily endorse your hack but damn, some of us are techo-retarded and we need to be lead by the freaking hand. What the hell is the “dark web?”

I wish that el Jefé the Obama would have grilled Mitch Landrieu about “progress” in New Orleans post Hurricane Katrina. All the important Orleanians that suffered loss after Katrina seem to have made out just fine. The Ninth Ward is written off as ‘expendable’.

I wish that all the feckless Israel first US congresspersons would resign their seats in the US Congress, renounce their American citizenship, and make permanent ‘aliyah’ to Israel and quit wasting the American peoples time and money. I mean, their treasonous duplicity is getting hard to tolerate.

I fully understand, one more time, that I may have wandered to the old wishing well one too many times.

Here’s a little last Friday in August 2015 artistic graffica –



6 thoughts on “wistfully wishing

  1. Skulz, can I just say that I wish that your wishes would come true! And then maybe that song, “What A Wonderful World,” wouldn’t be based on pure fantasy and a dream. Poor delusional Louie Armstrong. That was wrong of me. He wasn’t delusional, It was just wishful thinking on his part.

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      • Skulz, that was beautiful! This guy has a beautiful singing voice too. And the scenery fit right in. Thank you! I needed that. I’ve got so much going on right now that I haven’t time to even smell the roses and so this was much appreciated and valued by me. Bless your heart!

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      • I thought Master Kamakawiwo’ole’s voice would help. He always helps me. Sadly, the Master has cleared our “wonderful world” and I think that sucks. Still, we have his voice. Forever.


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