the cost of a pound of flesh

Did you know that human flesh has value? Well human flesh does have value.

Not anything high-minded or “spiritual.” Hell no way.

Actual bottom line cash on the barrelhead value.

Body parts, harvested human skin, and fetal tissue. The medical conglomerates are not making lampshades out of human skin. However, the medics are recovering the human frame.

There’s an icky aspect to organ donation that no one ever talks about. Donate an organ so some hospital organ transplant team can make the hospital serious bank. Organ transplants are not cheap. Organ transplants are not even reasonably priced.

Someone happens to cack in a hospital and the Frankenstein recovery team moves in at the speed of decaying humanity. Nurse von Vulture creeps up politely to a grieving family and inquires if the deceased is ripe for harvest. Sign here and done is done. With respect of course.

The entire protocol is unseemly if not outright bullshit.

I worked in a teaching hospital and I know firsthand. It’s the darkside of modern miraculous medicine. Grab a corpse when the opportunity presents itself.

You thought that abortion clinics gave an aborted fetus a noble or human burial? An aborted fetus has a surprising sticker value. Coveted by medical researchers all across these here American plains of medical horror.

Research baby, must go on and don’t question the cost or where research “material” might come from. Or whom.

Yeah, it’s almost unmentionable. Unspeakably horrible and yet, every day in America the harvest continues.

Human life has very little real value in postmodern America. Human remains? Now we’re talking bank.


9 thoughts on “the cost of a pound of flesh

  1. So that’s what they mean when they say, “Children are of great value to a society”.

    Tubularsock couldn’t figure out who would really want one but now Tubularsock “GETS IT”!

    You have made it all so clear. Could McDonald’s use the byproduct you think?

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