I like September. That’s just me. The first day of September would signal that summer is on the wane. Temperatures should moderate a bit and I think that’s a good thing.

September brings my wife’s birthday.

September brings the autumnal equinox. Humanity only gets two of the equinoxes in a year. That’s all. Spring equinox then a fall equinox. Which is entirely more desirable than say a summer solstice or a winter’s solstice. Too freaking hot or too freaking cold.

Moderating temperatures bring relief. Moderating temperatures will not bring relief from the bombastic onslaught of “the Donald.” Nor will moderating temperatures bring a war crimes tribunal that might hold ‘dickwad’ Cheney to account.

I think that a war crimes tribunal with ‘dickwad’ Cheney as star prosecuted criminal would moderate the ancillary violence that our shared humanity faces each and every day ever since the hell days of September 11, 2001. September 11, 2001 began our current descent into global war of terror insanity and ‘dickwad’ Cheney is to blame.

The Bushco cabal figures they’ve weathered the prosecutorial storm and therefore are home free. I suppose that we shall see what we shall see…


One thought on “september

  1. Oh damn! You just had to go and remind me about 9/11. Here I was all aglow because I too, just adore the coming of Autumn. I absolutely hate summer. And now, you have reminded me that in a few days, we are going to get bombarded with 9/11 and ‘high alerts’ and the like. Not your fault, of course, it’s just that even though ‘officially, I am not recognized as an Amerikkkan citizen, for some strange reason, I share a trait that all Amerikkkans seem to share; that of having a short attention span. If someone else hadn’t reminded me, I would have forgotten about labor day. And with so many people either underemployed or unemployed, what’s there really to celebrate?

    Thanks Skulz! You keep me on my toes!

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