don’t shoot the piano player part two

Gosh, another cop was shot unto death. Gunned down in blue blood. Happened in the far north of Illinois. Here’s link to pertinent details –

In “other” really important news, pedophile Josh the Duggar sister raper is missing. If luck or karma has anything to do with pedophile Josh’s disappearance, he’s been fitted with concrete boots and is resting comfortably feeding the fish at the bottom of Lake Elmdale. That’s in Arkansas.

Did you know that Arkansas is where Bubba Clinton and all the little Clinton spawn are from? It is a cultural given that there are numerous abnormalities concerning Arkansas. Clinton is just the tip of one inbred iceberg. However and I concede that the best biscuits and gravy I’ve ever eaten was in Arkansas.

An Arizona K-9 cop beat up his service dog. Evidently it wasn’t enough for Arizona K-9 cop to beat up suspects so Arizona K-9 cop took out his man-rage on the dog. Here’s a link to blue bravado –

K-9 cop is a punk and his service dog should be allowed to bite his “partner.”

Cop was shot and killed. Really? Gosh, can’t imagine why that might have happened.

Michael Brown might have a good idea. Eric Garner might have a good idea. Freddie Gray might have a good idea.

Then there’s the case of Carlos Mercado who was allowed to die of insulin shock while spending time at New York’s favorite dungeon Riker’s Island.

We have us a ‘situation’ developing in the good old US of AmeriKKKa and brutality will be met with brutality. Gosh, another cop was shot unto death. Yeah, that’s tough…



5 thoughts on “don’t shoot the piano player part two

  1. This one is another little gem, Skulz. You manage to say so much with so few words. So, are we in ‘free fall’ mode or what? And don’t forget, yesterday, Dow down, today, Dow up. Tomorrow, it’ll be wacked out again or not. I’m just along for the ride and is it getting bumpy or what?

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    • The institutional foundations are crumbling under the weight of rank corruption. Ergo, down goes that problematic “beacon of democrazy.”
      Please keep your arms and legs inside the remainder of the ride at all times. This will get ass-ugly real quick.

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    • Yes. Yes I do. Therefore the phrase “what’s up” could be an indication of a pending ‘shit-storm’ and it might be a good idea to duck, cover, or get the fuck out of the way. Conjecturally inferring of course.

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