church lady madness

The evangelical lunatics have drawn their line in shifting sand. Evangelical lunatics are hellbent on refusing marriage licenses to same sex couples that would exercise their constitutional right to marry. Guaranteed by THE United States Supreme Court.

However church lady douchebag, one Kim Davis, is going to defy federal courts and refuse to issue marriage licenses to anyone crazy lady doesn’t happen to care for. Kim Davis is the county clerk in Cracker, Kentucky. Here’s a link –

Davis has been married numerous times and has birthed children out of wedlock and she’s the county clerk of Cracker, Kentucky. Go figure. Evidently adultery, bastardy, and being the consummate ass passes for “christian” in Cracker, Kentucky.

Church lady Davis is wholly unfamiliar with the Constitution of the United States of America. Especially that First Amendment part that grants a separation between church and state.

If this simpering bitch can’t do her job as county clerk of Cracker, Kentucky she needs to give it up. Tender her resignation and head off to ‘prayer meeting’. Of course this seething bitch isn’t about to do that. On no, she’s making a statement for “people of faith” all across AmeriKKKa.

Personally I think that it would serve the evangelical taliban, that are a cancer on postmodern AmeriKKKa, a lesson should someone crack this ditzy asshole square on the middle of her forehead with a baseball bat. But that’s just me and I’m not appropriate nor politically correct.

I’m really tired of sanctimonious evangelicals and their endless whining bombastic bullshit.

I mean, give it a rest.


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