fundamentally stupid

Crazy church lady/Cooter County Clerk, one Kim Davis, got her multi-married ass tossed into jail by one rather testy federal judge. Davis refuses to issue marriage licenses in the Kanetucky county wherein she’s the county clerk and decided it would be a grand idea to defy a federal judge. Well maybe not such a grand idea. Federal judges actually have more authority than the ‘god’ that Davis proclaims she’s enamored of. So crazy church lady Davis is cooling in the cooler and so it goes. That federal judge put the minor minions of county clerk Davis on notice that they had goddamn better start issuing marriage licenses to whomever might want to purchase a Kanetucky marriage or they too would be headed to the slam. Oh yes and, crazy church lady Davis will be granted exit from the slam if/and/or/when a federal judge feels gracious enough to turn her ugly ass loose.

That Kanetucky Cooter County Clerk Kim Davis looks exactly like Kathy Bates in that freakish movie ‘Misery’. I’ve never been able to watch Kathy Bates in ANY movie she’s been in since. Jesus, life imitates a Stephen King character. Yikes.

The evangelical taliban within earshot of incarcerated county clerk crazy church lady are threatening “religious war.” Yippee! We’re gonna get to shoot fundamentalists.

The Donald has formally agreed to abide by Republican Party rules and will from this day forward, “support” whomever gets the Republican nomination for POTUS 2016. The Donald signed the pledge of allegiance card and swore fealty to the Repukes. To think that AmeriKKKans actually thought the Donald was for real.


Now watch how fast the Trump bandwagon shrinks into a one trick dogsled. Did you know that the Donald announced he’d like to “date his daughter?” Oh yeah, the Donald said that. Evidently the Donald has been holding negotiations with the Duggars.

Here we are in the early portion of the twenty first century and the social currents are swirling around shit so stupid as to shine light on the good times had during the Dark Ages.

On an up note, with global warming on increase and polar ice sheets melting at record pace it won’t be long before the beach is almost in my backyard. I’m alright with that as I really hate having to travel through southern California to get to the Pacific. The Pacific is an ocean. Really. Did you know that in Kanetucky, Kanetuckyans are unaware of Pacific anything.


2 thoughts on “fundamentally stupid

  1. Well, at the very least, there was ONE ‘up’ note, you’ll soon be right at the beach in the desert. And yeah,, that is one ugly ass woman, proclaiming herself as some martyr for the ‘onward christian soldiers’ crew. If her ‘reLIEgous’ beliefs interfere with her job, well then, that’s a job opening for someone else.

    Great post Skulz!


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