humanitarian conditionally

So while Rowan County Cluck Kim ‘douchette’ Davis is basking in the media glow inside her jail cell, really important world events are whiling swirling hither and yon. Human lives that hold meaning and possible purpose are squandered without consideration and so it goes.

Gosh, you’d think that Europeans got their ‘talking points’ from Kanetucky or Texas or Arizona. Heartless is as heartless allows the deaths of children. Human suffering is just another annoying and rude bother so make “them” go away.


One thing is probably a certainty, the milk of human kindness has curdled into a smelly congealed morass of ignore the problem and it should go away. Wait, it should float away. With the tides of human indifference.


4 thoughts on “humanitarian conditionally

  1. Skulz, I really need you to tell me what to be ‘outraged’ over today. Should I print a sign about every country’s nonchalant approach to the refugee crisis or should I print a sign showing my solidarity with that jailbird, Kim Davis in Kintomee. I could go on and on but like Tubularsock stated, there is an extremely funny show coming on the telly tonight and I just cannot miss it. Too many issues, so little time.

    Thanks Skulz!


    • I could suppose any ‘outrage’ would be over the notion that now in the twenty first century we have to deal with stupid shit. I think I need to come up with a cover everything sort of generic outrage poster. I smell a project…

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      • Well, Skulz, I forgot that I don’t own TV, so I’ve decided to spend many hours tonight attempting to print signs for every occasion from #BlackLivesMatter to “We gotta stop man-made climate change” to “No More Nukes!” At this rate, I’ll be at it all night, in the morning and tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. Sigh! It’s gonna be a loooooong night!


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