boats float or not

“Violence, instability and chaos make lives miserable.”

Wow, is that deep or what.

I ganked the line off of a BBC article that I happened to peruse. BBC reporter was about the business of explaining why it is that the European Union is besieged with “migrants.”

migrant (ˈmīgrənt) noun

an animal that migrates.

• (also migrant workera worker who moves from place to place to do seasonal work.

The people washing ashore on the polite side of the Mediterranean are certainly not animals. The “official” regime in Hungary would vociferously disagree. Hungarian authority tends to kick the refugees when they’re down. Golly, is that butch or what.

Syria is destabilized. Libya is destabilized. Yemen is destabilized. The Afghaniscam is destabilized and has been for years. Toss Iraq into the destabilized mix and we’ve got us a clear cut case of five card military monty.

Afghaniscam cranked up large in October of 2001. The Bush regime was exacting “revenge” for 9/11/01. Hmmm, Butchco?


Bullshit anniversary is day after tomorrow. 9/11/01 is utter bullshit. False narrative, black flag op, world class shell game, and one horrific American disgrace.

9/11/01 is the root cause of the refugee tsunami washing over Europe.

Say, how a come Syria’s neighbors aren’t taking in Syrian refugees? You know Saudi Moravia and Jordan the Kingdom of Hashemite Frogs and Turkey and Egypt the land of el-Sisi the Pharaoh and/or Netanyahu-land. I mean, Israel is right there in the mix so what’s up with that? Oh sorry, Israel can’t be bothered with displaced Arabs. Arabs aren’t ‘jews’.

Did you know that Palestinians are Semitic people? That is anthropologically rock solid true.

Did you know that Israelis are NOT Semitic people? Hell no way in hell no. Israeli jews are eastern European Kazakhs.

Ha ha, fuck you Abe Foxman.

Oh crap, I have digressed like a big dog. Please to excuse me.

The ‘refugee’ crisis facing Euro-snobbery is the direct result of US/NATO screwing around in countries the US/NATO has no business screwing around in. So now that the Middle East is a ticking time bomb, the US/NATO brain trust can’t figure out how to deal with the humanitarian disaster they’ve created.

Cavalier disregard for people, consequences, and humanitarian suffering is the business of US/NATO.

Oh yeah and, BBC reporter guy is brushing aside culpability for truth on the ground and that’s typical BBC.


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