stop making sense

The Donald and Teddy boy. Is that about a match made in closet hell or what.

The orange clown trumpet and tailgunner Teddy held a bust on Iran festival in Babylon-On-The-Potomac on Wednesday the 9th day of September 2015. The trumpet and tailgunner felt the need to rag on the negotiated deal with Iran. An utterly futile gesture at best. However futility has never put the trumpet off any venture he finds himself the center of. Trumpet does love the media spotlight. Tailgunner Teddy is seething for being shut out of the Kim Davis debacle by Huckleberry Huckabee.

Damn, that woman is bone ugly. Kim Davis. Yikes! I’d bet she’s a sizzler with a sledgehammer. Bone ugly on account of beauty is only skin deep but ugly goes clear to the bone? Tsk tsk, rude rude rude.

Anyway, the Donald and Ted? Jee-zus that makes NO sense. Of course it is entire possible that our world is witnessing one thoroughly preposterous bro-mance. There are rumors swirling around the Beltway that tailgunner wears kneepads under his off-the-rack Sears Brothers suits.

I am not making any judgments here. The Donald and Teddy? Jee-zus that makes no sense.

You’ve got to admit that the Republican wanna-be-president circus is about as bizarre as bizarre can get. The orange clown trumpet is now taking shots at Carly Fiorina.

Oh yes and how we came to the current moniker for the Donald, see this link –

REM has tagged the Donald spot on. Right on Mr. Stipe.

There’s not much that makes sense in our postmodern global war of terror world. Politics makes no sense. Politicians make no sense. The wars sure as hell make no sense. Dick Cheney can still manage to get face time on the talking head circuit and that makes absolutely no fucking sense whatsoever. Give media time to a flagrant war criminal?

None of it makes sense.

For the definitive guide to making sense, here’s the link –

Be absolutely certain to crank up the volume and DON’T THINK ABOUT IT! 

Peace my brethren and of course the sisteren. There is hope out there. Fleeting and ethereal but, it’s out there.

Graffica –




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