The NFL is back and Amerika will not have to worry about a damn thing for months. The New England Deflateriots kicked off the 2015 season by “pounding” the Pittsburgh Sealers.

Distractions ‘r’ US.

September 11 will come and go quietly as there’s football to consider. Worship? Whatever. Teflon Tommy Terrific is still the reigning king of football profitability and Amerikans can tuck the kiddies safely into their beds for that reason alone. Safe in their NFL ‘logo’ team blankies. Sweet dreams junior. Take your steroids like a good little boy, grow up big, strong, and ridiculously stupid. There’s money to be made for mom and dad IF you can gain admission to the franchise.

It’s been 14 years since that September day of infamy. All the usual suspects are wandering our Planet scot-free and so it goes.

I find it curious that no one, and I mean no one, ever talks about the whiz bang totally high 9/11 Commission’s report on 9/11. Here’s the officialdom –

The 9/11 Commission Report – Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States.

It’s a laughably disjointed screed that has more holes and conjecture than a French imitation of Swiss cheese.

Oh yes and by the by, the 9/11 report has been thoroughly discredited by the very fucking assholes that concocted the report in the first place.


Amerikans don’t care about truth. Amerikans don’t care about being the most gullible people to have ever populated this here Island Earth.

Pro football is back and Amerika can get about the business of obliviously wandering from goal post to goal post.

Go you Green Day Slackers…


4 thoughts on “football

  1. Thank you for mentioning this infamous day in history Skulz.

    Please don’t mind me but I am an avid fan of firemen because they have saved my ass from becoming a crispy corpse on occasions too numerous to count! I refuse to watch grown men chase a ball around on a field and ‘earn’ millions for it while nobody gives a goddamn if a firemen that has pledged to risk his life in order to save mine and whoever else that fire bell rings for, actually does give up his life. And it is my understanding that some have lost their lives in fighting the fires that are plaguing California and surrounding states.

    What we choose to focus on and run out and spend boatloads of money on such as NFL jerseys, other football and paint to smear our faces the color of ‘our’ team is just plain stupid. So, yes, Americans are stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid. A child can be confused but an adult with a fully developed brain doing the stupid shit that we do IS just plain old stupid!

    And thank you for this post and for allowing me to rant!

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  2. Hi Skulz, being from Pittsburgh I am an avid Steelers fan if they make it to Superbowl, ha! I even have steelers T-shirt. But I was surprised to see today’s date in the absence of fanfare and looped twin towers destruction. My peers do not connect the entity to the slaughter, they are indoctrinated with 19 Arabs with boxcutters.
    Even a friend who learned the truth is now saying I am anti-semetic five years later.
    I do not agree we the people are stupid, confused is better description. How this COGNITIVE DISSONANCE works escapes me but there are also those who want to live unnoticed for their family’s safety.
    Regarding nazi diva, Nazis and Adolph H. have undergone rehabilitation in many progressive thinkers opinions.
    So I hope you are well and thriving & I will be looking at your blogs now that I found them.


    • Coach Tomlin complains, “the Deflateriots are in our helmets.” Pittsburgh gets a new handle for the enshrined football team – Pittsburgh Squealers. Beat the Deflateriots in Foxboro the old fashioned way OR shut up and go home.

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