mysteries in e-space

I think it would be uncomfortable if the foot had balls.

I mean, balls are hard enough to deal with where they occur naturally.

I mean, balls just hang there under a guy’s ‘thing’ and their bio-location can be problematic. Think bicycle seat. Ouch…

So if the foot had balls, well, shoes would need a drastic redesign. An engineering retro-fit. You know, cause if the shoe don’t fit you can’t wear it…

If the foot had balls, well, athlete’s foot would take on an entirely new dynamic.

Foot balls.


Gladiatorial games and Empire.

It’s all about the money.


5 thoughts on “mysteries in e-space

  1. “You won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore”… think if instead of pardon Gerry Ford (x footballer) had declared every Sept. 1st. a national holiday called**Let’s kick Nixon around day.”
    I believe to this day that by putting Nixon above the law we reaped Reagan, and Bush and a police state of today.

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  2. Tubularsock wonders what Gypsy Rosalee has to say about balls. Tubularsock gave her 50 bucks for a reading and she took it. But then the net was down …… she said what did that tell Tubularsock about his future financial success.

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    • Tubularsock, it is apparent to me that we both had readings from the same Gypsy. Gypsy Rosalee told me that I was ‘from Spain’ and that I had three ‘lovers’ and that one of them had a real bad spell on him and that he loved me most and if I loved him back, I should hand over 5 20 dollar bills, that would break the spell. I did not hand the 5 20 dollar bills over and since several boyfriends keeled over, I have no idea which one loved me most.

      But we were talking about football and I digress. Well, I can say in all seriousness that one boyfriend did break his neck playing football, so no wonder I hate the ‘sport’.

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