13 thoughts on “sex with god

  1. I have heard it said that that those rocking back & forth at the wailing wall are attempting to achieve orgasm with Yahweh. But it think they are just having public, solitary self gratification, they never cry out at climax or they never achieve it with the “wailing wall” style .

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  2. So, are you saying that it is blasphemy to scream out, “Oh god! Oh god Oh god!!!” right at that moment when my eyes roll back in my head and I am at the gates of heaven and can almost swear I can see St. Peter? Because if so, then I stand accused! LOL!

    Thanks Skulz! This post of yours has helped me come to a decision.

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    • “Blasphemy?” On no, I am not saying that at all. ‘Oh god’ sounds so much better than “punch my sex bell baby!”
      I think ‘blasphemy’ would be a Kim Davis declaring she’s in the “service of god.” That’s blasphemy for sure.

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      • Oh I do sincerely apologize Skulz! What was I thinking? I’ve got lust on my mind. But I shall make it up to you, I promise!

        May Kim Davis reign in the deepest pit of hell that has been reserved for the warmongers and the war hawks. May she forever be tormented by that demented devil ,Dick The Evil Cheney since both, upon death, shall dwell nowhere else but in the hell of their own making, each torturing the other.

        Was that too over the top?

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      • You have nothing to apologize for M’Lady. Keep that lust on your mind and allow it to engulf you in the flames of fruition.
        🎶 I want to sex you up…
        You are never too over the top. On a Sunday where sex with god is a topic of discussion, dickwad the cheney and evangelibanners like kimchi davis should NEVER enter an exchange of pleasantries. Or any sexting between consenting adults.
        Say, do you prefer the top? I inquire discreetly…

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      • Well, I’m not a ‘certified’ dominatrix for nothing, but I figure that sometimes, I can let the man lead me into blissful oblivion while I lie there and thrash about, screaming, “Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!” Afterwards, when he’s back UP after a ‘nudge’ from me, I’ll gladly straddle him.

        Dayum!! Is this too steamy for your blog? I mean, somebody might suggest that we get a room! LOL!

        oooolalah!!!! *wink*

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      • Shhhh! This is just between us, so don’t tell anybody! I’ve ‘jumped the fence’. I gotta tellya Skulz, I’m going to have to eat so many of my own words because I am in love and he ain’t black.

        Funny thing about that thing called love, it don’t recognize black and white or red or yellow. Love loves and that’s it!

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      • Love is love and not fade away…
        Rolling Stones from way back in the day.
        In the visible spectrum, white reflects light and is a presence of all colors, but black absorbs light and is an absence of color. Black can be defined as the visual impression experienced when no visible light reaches the eye.
        So ‘color’ is wholly irrelevant and love is wholly relevant. Besides, love is tactile and tastes oh so yummy…

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      • Oh Skulz, I have never felt this way! Never! I am literally and figuratively over the moon!

        I actually wrote a poem while in my ‘denial’ phase but I didn’t post it because it is a complete lie. Of course I had to show him my blog and he understood and would not change a thing about me. But what he must know is that he has changed things about me. He has opened a heart that was closed.

        Skulz, thanks for being my ‘therapist’ for the night. How much do I owe you? LOL!


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