love is love

Love is love and that’s the ethereal definition.

For the most part and across our world, “love” is misunderstood with malpractice aforethought.

All you need is love.

Love is all you need.

However, that notion does not apply in Nazi Hungary. Love is an abstract application that more resembles Third Reich Nazism. Send them goddamn ‘migrants’ to the camps. Which just so happens to have been kept in working order since the days of WWII the big war.

There is something seriously unloving about the EU. Gosh, is that about shocking or what.

The European Union is armpit deep in the current “refugee” tsunami washing over Europe. The European Union is part and parcel of NATO. It just so happens that the US/NATO are armpit deep in systematic bombing campaigns in Syraq, Yemen, Libya, and the Afghaniscam. Throw in the US/NATO coup d’état Ukraine and, well, western civilization is responsible for crimes against humanity that are appalling.

As Colon Powell was so cute to quote, “you broke it you bought it.” General Colon was referring to the Bushco genocide Iraq. The migrant tsunami dates back at least that far.

So there they (migrants) sit in train stations across the EU and EU leaders wheedle whine complain bitch gripe and throw recriminations at one another.


Did you know that Egyptian security forces killed a bus load of Mexican touristas thinking they were jihadis? The pharaonic army of Egypt’s Generalissimo el-Sisi can’t tell Mexicans from Arab jihadis. The US trained Egyptian security forces must have learned their lessons in Arizona. That happened on Sunday the 13th day of September 2015.

On an unrelated note –

Rowan County Cluck, one Kim-she Davis, “wants to treat everyone equally, however her conscience does not allow her to,” her attorney says.

Everyone, whatever that may in fact mean, is to be treated equally. However, Davis’ “conscience” is holding the Cluck hostage and everyone is therefore dirt and should be scraped before entering the Rowan County Cluck’s Office. Here’s the link to Kanetucky current crazy shit –

Turns out love is not all you need. A modest dose of rationality comes in handy.

You know, from time to time.




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