Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you feeling confused and stressed? Are you feeling that life as you know it no longer makes any sense?

Well Blinky take heart and a deep breath, postmodern Amerikan big pharmaceutical concerns have a pill for you. A cuddly cute little blue pill and your doctor is on board with his prescription pad at the ready so, call the doctor and beat the rush. Don’t worry about costs as your insurance will cover the exorbitant price gouging in force. The All Amerikan Big Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association has colluded rather politely with doctors and pharmacies all across our over-medicated nation to insure the availability of the newest designer little blue pill to keep regular Amerikans compliant and numb.

Isn’t that how regular Amerikans prefer to get through their day? Compliant and numb. Well of course that’s exactly how Amerikans prefer to get through their day.

Take a pill and life is a wonderful world. Or whatever.

Designer medication for a brighter, if not ambivalent, tomorrow.


One thought on “stressed?

  1. So, what you’re saying is, “Take a pill and chill?” Yep, that is what we do. We chill out, meaning, “to zone out.” Have not a care in the world.

    Thanks Skulz! But I have declined their ‘little blue pill’. As painful as this train wreck is to watch, I prefer to stay alert. Bless your heart!


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