most important

What’s the single most important issue facing America?

Go ahead and take a minute or so to give it a think…




Hint hint, it’s not the donald ‘orange clown trumpet’ trump.

Not even close.

It’s not migrant refugees washing all over Europe. Nope. However all those migrant refugees “invading” the EU are consequence of US/NATO’s bombing Afghaniscam, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, and Syria. It is perfectly acceptable to toss in any number of third world African countries that gratefully accept US/NATO bombing campaigns on unsuspecting African citizens. Damn ‘darkies’ MIGHT be terrorists.

Did you know that for every African terrorist killed by US/NATO, well, the respecting government of killed African terrorist is “gifted” with US/NATO largesse?

It’s not a Black Lives Matter activism that spooks American Gestapo. It is perfectly acceptable to associate Black Lives Matter activists with African jihadi terrorists. For further “enlightenment” consult Benny Carson. Carson is a Republican offering of Uncle Tom and graciously, Carson is not the orange clown trumpet.

The single most important issue facing America is money.

Too much money or the lack of too much money. Doesn’t matter.

On one hand –

America has entirely too much money. To squander on celebrity, professional athletes, politicians, poseur candidate politicians, political hookers (Maryland Senator Ben Cardin would be the poster boy for Israel first whoring), cars, toys, trinkets, fantasy football bullshit, and not a penny for Americans in need.

On another hand –

Yes, there are American in need. But Americans in need are a national disgrace and media embarrassment.

Do not now nor ever have a lookit at hungry American children. It’s a trick of “liberal” lefty media types and besides, the mongrels are the responsibility of Rachel the Mad Cow.

Money, it’s a hit. A hit if you’ve got some. A greasy shit if you haven’t.


3 thoughts on “most important

  1. Tubularsock’s adjective to describe this post did not do this post, justice.

    Skulz! What a ‘stellar’ performance!

    I’m just kidding Tubularsock! Skulz always knocks it out of the ballpark. You both are running neck-in-neck in my book!

    Skulz, so many problems, so little time, so little caring, so much a crime!


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