telephone lines are down

It’s raining down in TexAss.

Oh yeah.

Raining typhoon stupid.

In what has to be the goddamned stupidest move to come down the media hysteria blaster in a long time, here’s the 411 –

One Ahmed Mohamed built a digital clock by his own hand and took that homemade digital clock to school to show off his achievement. Really smart nerdy types do things like that.


Unfortunately for young Ahmed, he lives in Irving, Texas and given the fact that we’re talking Texas, well, the stupid freaks at his school figured that Ahmed had built a bomb. Ahmed’s school ‘authorities’ called the Irving, Texas Gestapo and young Ahmed got to meet the long arm of Texas pigdom. Ahmed was arrested and taken into custody for making a digital clock.


The teachers and principle of MacArthur High School where Ahmed got himself arrested were adamant in their self-righteous defense of profiling one very smart Muslim student that shines brighter than any other student at MacArthur High School. The per usual ‘student’ achievement at MacArthur High School would be football.

It’s raining down in TexAss and the telephones lines are down. Please to enjoy this link –

Stevie’s gone you know. Bummer no doubt. But take heart my friends, stupid still reigns supreme and young Ahmed Mohamed knows first hand how practicing intellectual curiosity can come back to bite you on an innocent sit down.

Jesus, I thought Kim Davis was egregiously stupid…


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