red shoe

Earthquakes and tsunamis, Repuglicans and meaningless drivel, migrant refugees and the EU is a sloppy bastion of fascist bigotry.

Therefore it must be the end of our world as we know it.

Or not.

Homemade digital clocks will get you arrested in Irving, Texas. Especially if the possessor of aforementioned homemade digital clock happens to be ‘brown’ and Mooselim. Well that and a student at MacArthur High School for the Insanely Bigoted. The insanely bigoted would be MacArthur’s teachers and administration personnel. Bigoted and haplessly stupid.

It’s just another day in the land of democrazy.

Accept no substitutes. However, you might want to watch the skies for bombing campaigns.

That is all. For now…



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