Europe has drawn in on itself like a snail during a prolonged drought. The European Union is “officially” closed. Closed to those icky dang Mooselim brown refugees.

You see, icky dang Mooselim brown refugees pushing into Europe are actually worse than Mexican brown refugees trying to sneak into the Amerika.

Sneaky pushy dang brown refugees. Oh icky.

Now if Europe was facing a tsunami of Jew refugees, well, the entire scenario would be different. On a lingering thorny note, Jew refugees are washing over Palestine and that’s okie dokie.

Fräu Angela Merkel has doubled back on the Mein Kampf effect and the Turd Reich is closed. No icky dang Mooselim brown refugees will be processed. Hungary has taken a novel approach and beats the icky dang Mooselim brown refugees first and then refuses them entry into Hungary. Brutally bold no doubt. Turkey drowns the refugees first and then moves them along to Greece.

Humanity is shining bright.

Let us not forget the root cause of this refugee tsunami and that would be the US/NATO bombing the bejesus out of Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, and the Afghaniscam.

Did you know that there’s profit to be made while humanitarian crises rage across this Island Earth? Well there sure as hell are profits to be made.

You see profiteering is the bottom line. Refugee profiteering, war profiteering, opium profiteering, and that extra special profiteering off of trafficking in humanity.

Yes trafficking in humanity is where the real money is to be had. Trafficking in humanity is more profitable than opium profiteering BUT, not as profitable as war profiteering.

Damn, there’s always a catch…




2 thoughts on “humanitarian?

    • The only “officially approved” market stability is in ‘war profiteering’. Consult Gold Man Sacks’ Lloyd Blankfiend for a market updated portfolio.
      This message has been approved by Wall Street Butchers and Liquidity Funds Inc.


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