shiny beacons

Scotty ‘stumbles’ Walker is out.

Yup. The governor of Cheeselandia packed a bag and bailed on his ‘quest’ for Republican Nomination POTUS 2016.

Uncle Benny Carson is slandering Muslims and exposing his christian hypocrisy for all the world to see. Uncle Ben should stick to shilling rice.

Teddy ‘closets’ Cruz is out there. Somewhere.

Lindsey Graham is ‘officially’ MIA.

There are Republican wannabe candidate bodies scattered hither and yon and this serio-comedic circus gets funnier by the freaking minute.

Jebby ‘the younger’ Bush is, ummm, somewhere hissing words of banal irrelevance.

This coming Wednesday, the Republican National Committee will meet in “executive session” and declare the orange clown trumpet as winner. However the RNC will not now nor ever pronounce the Trumpet their candidate 2016.

In a curious turn of unnatural events, Mitt Rmoney’s name is being floated as the “candidate” to save the Republican’s day. Yes we could very well see the return of Mittens to the campaign trail and the 2nd coming of Mitt would be absolutely hysterically funny.

Damn, this freak show is an ever evolving nightmare that leaves theater of the absurd seeming mundane.


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